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"The Negro spiritual is a distinct type of music which resembles no other and therefore requires special treatment in performance."

- Hall Johnson

The Georgia Spiritual Ensemble was created to further the enduring legacy and tradition of the Negro Spiritual. Born out of the horrific conditions through which the enslaved Africans suffered during their early days of existence in this country, these songs became just one of the tools they used to inform the world of their plight, sufferings, their feelings, and to talk to their God about a life and a home in which they longed to return to.

The tradition of singing these, 'quaint,' plaintive melodies in concert began with the Fisk Jubilee Singers in 1872. With the constant formation of similar groups these precious melodies will continue to be kept alive. The Georgia Spiritual Ensemble is dedicated to sustaining that tradition by bringing to life their feelings, emotions and musical genius each of these musical gems possess.

Each of the singers sings with a feeling, depth and emotion that is sure to spiritually move and excite every listener. Debra Crampton, Timothy Harper, Selina Madison, Oral Moses, Mazelle Webster and Johnetta Tillman all have had numerous successes in performing in the Atlanta Metropolitan area and Nationally. All possess academic achievements of note.

The Georgia Spiritual Ensemble sings traditional and arranged choral and solo spirituals that have been popularized throughout the twentieth century. Because of the strong musical legacy the spiritual possesses and the horrific conditions under which it "sprang," into existence, it continues to maintain its original haunting quality and its uncanny beauty and dignity.

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